Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

Fashion trends

What they are? What that means exactly? I will try to explain.


Fashion trends represent everything that fashion fans love to follow and that anybody who has style knows to take advantage of, on the outstanding way.

For the upcoming season,  streetstyle stars are the one who send us a message through Social media which trends  we should follow. Everybody should decide which fashion trends are ideal for him/her and what will look really stunning.

When we talk about women’s looks we often ask ourselves – Which trend do I like the most? What bag or accessorize would I wear? Is it modern or not? Difficult to say. In any case, world’s most famous designers and fashion magazines have the closing word when we talk about fashion trends.

It’s never too late to know what is in trend. Even the winter is basicly knocking on our doors, fashion trends are already here waiting to be prepared.

If you like to be in trend, in the article below you will find out what will be the most attractive in the fashion scene.

We are confident in one thing: “Something that is today modern, tomorow isn’t”. But that also means that fashion trends are coming back in tremendous style. By the end of a year one fashion chapter is closing while the other is almost approaching.

Year 2017  was one of the best years of streetfashion, it seems that in that direction fashion trends will continue into the next year. Some of them  will say “goodbye” while the other could attract even more attention. End of September is near and the new autumn season is upcoming, so it’s the right time to show you which colours and models will be trendy. One thing that I can say to you, is to prepare a few last year stuff, because trends for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 follow those one who were on the begining of the year. First of all I think of blue jeans, which are allways ultra modern and casual in every occassion.

I believe that many of you can’t wait to pull out clothes from the depth of your waardrobe. One of that are couts which will be a neccesary fashion hit, and along with couts go accessories, shoes and bags. Short and long couts in royal blue and olive green design with double buckling are ideal investment because they will actually last more than one season. On the other side are bags which represent mixes with exotic leather and different colors, including silver and gold. They have treat to become most wanted pieces of autumn season.


Some more hafty fashion trends are the glamour of the 70ies, which you can finally enjoy in retro style that you have long forgotten. Velevet returns on the big door and because of that you should find clothes made of that material. Suede fabric is absolutly swing since 2016th so “a must have” are is shoes and bags from that fabric. One good example are long Suede boots. They make legs look perfect.

Of course No1 fashion trends are also real leather and fur. You can choose between real fur and fabricated fur. The choice is yours!

One must say that these pieces of bags and accessories are most desired by fashion followers. You can now take leather pieces from your wardrobe and say “hello” to cold days.


When we talk about colours, one of the main colours for this autumn season are brown, grey, beige and red. It’s sure that you can find pants or suits in one of those colours in your wardrobe. We forgot to say that black colour will forever be IN like the Little black dress. All ladies know that!

Also details are very important and an absolute hit in the next season, like gold,silver and rhinestones.

In the end, nothing can make your perfect look like a good bag. Our suggestion for you are bags of medium size. They are big enough to fit everything that you need and easy to wear.

Trends should not be followed blindly and you should’nt become their slave, instead you should choose something that is popular and modern to modify it to your personal style.
Imperativ is to build your unique style not to be somebody’s copy.  Follow your senses, make fashion combinations for the morning, for the dates, for school,  for glamorous nights or for the gym. Choose only the best pieces because you deserve it! The point is to feel good in your skin not in somebody’s eyes.
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